Lingua Stedtnitz offers you a variety of services

  1. We translate your documents
  2. We interpret for you
  3. We proofread and edit your manuscripts
  4. We teach you English or German
  5. We advise job applicants

1. Translations

Dorothea Stedtnitz (DS) und Wolfgang Stedtnitz (WS) are experienced translators

Please ask us about other languages, too. We shall be happy to refer you to our colleagues.
Lingua Stedtnitz is specialized in the fields of

We will be happy to translate your abstracts, adverts, attestations, contracts, correspondence, diplomas, documents, keynotes, manuals, medical reports, newspaper articles, opinions, speeches, statements etc.

2. Interpreting (Wolfgang Stedtnitz)

It is always best to interpret into your mother language. For me, this is German. But since I have had many years of experience, am almost bilingual and know most of the technical terms in the fields of politics, economy and the arts, I have never shied away from doing it the other way round, too.

If you want me to interpret for you, it would be helpful if you gave me sufficient time to get familiar with the subject matter, learn something about the people involved and have a little preparation time at hand. Please give me a call so we can talk about the details.

3. Proofreading & editing (WS)

As we are both native Germans, we are only able to offer this service in German.

4. Tutoring (WS, DS)

We are qualified to teach you English or German. Language teaching only makes sense if we first determine the level of your language proficiency. For this we use the “Common European Framework of Reference for Language”, ranging from A1 (absolute beginner) to C2 (highly advanced). An individualized assessment can usually be achieved by means of an introductory chat and/or a standardized placement test. Please call us for details.

5. Coaching for job applicants (WS)

As an accredited consultant for the Christian Personnel Agency “Christen im Personaldienst” (, I shall be happy to check your cover letter and CV. Though my main focus is on German documents, I might also be able to give you some valuable tips on how to apply in English speaking countries.