1    Translations   1.00 to 01.90 EUR per line
2 Interpreting 40.00 to 60.00 EUR per hour
3 Proofreading & Editing    25.00 to 55.00 EUR per hour
4 Tutoring 15.00 to 55.00 EUR    per hour
5 Coaching 25.00 to 70.00 EUR per hour

(For further information, kindly refer to the details below. All prices are subject to individual agreement. Express and overnight services may be up to 50% more expensive. Please contact us so we can make you an offer.)

1. Translations

Prices for translations depend upon:

  1. The level of difficulty of the original document (source text)
  2. The number of standard lines in the translation (target text)

A standard line consists of 55 characters, including blank spaces. In order to estimate how much you will have to invest, ask yourself how demanding your document is. As a rule, texts can be classified into three categories:

  1. Normal (from 1.00 EUR per line)
  2. Difficult (from 1.30 EUR per line)
  3. Expert (from 1.50 EUR per line)

Normal texts are easy to understand, since they contain practically no technical terms. Examples include letters (mind you, not those of Thomas Mann), general newspaper articles or other simple documents.

Difficult texts make perfect sense – but only to professionals. Examples include medical reports, legal contracts and newspaper articles on complex subjects. Difficult texts take some time to understand and some time to digest – once the grammar has been deciphered. The vast majority of the documents given to professional translators can be classified ”difficult”.

Expert documents contain technical terms and require intensive research. The translator has to double check the terminology, confer with his/her colleagues and do research in the internet. It goes without saying that there is no room for ambiguities when medical and legal documents are being translated. We personally like to work with expert-level texts. What is more fulfilling than getting a difficult job done well? What we don’t like are texts that are written in cryptic handwriting or that contain unusual acronyms. Luckily, most ”deciphering” problems can be solved by a brief telephone call. So let’s keep in touch ...

2. Interpreting

The price depends on how much preparation the interpreter needs, whether he/she needs to do research in advance, travel long distances, attend meetings in the evening or on weekends, etc.. Interpreting for high-ranking leaders is more expensive than interpreting in an informal setting. Please call us to receive an individual offer.

3. Proofreading & Editing

Again, the price depends on the time we need and the level of difficulty of the text. A ”first draft” document needs a lot of editing, whereas a ”final version” may need only a few corrections, before it can be finalized. The charge for simple proofreading starts at 25 EUR per hour, finalizing a draft document costs 45 to 55 EUR per hour.

4. Tutoring

Private lessons for high school students (German: Nachhilfe) cost 15 EUR per hour and up to 25 EUR for senior high school students preparing for graduation (Abitur).

Private German or English lessons for diplomats, senior citizens or other interested persons are offered for 35 to 55 EUR, depending on your level of proficiency. This will be determined by an individual placement test based on the ”Common European Framework of Reference for Languages” (A1 to C2).

5. Coaching for job applicants

If you have been directed to this website by the ”Christian Personnel Service” in Kassel/Hesse ( you will have read that prices start at 25.00 EUR per hour. Prices vary in accordance with the scope of the work required. Would you just like us to ”glance over” your cover letter or do your documents require extensive revisions? Please call so we can talk about the details.

Important Note:

Please feel free to compare our services and prices with our competitors. We would, however, like to draw your attention to the fact that, under German law, neither the term ”translator” (Übersetzer) nor ”interpreter” (Dolmetscher) is an official academic title. In other words: Anybody who thinks he can speak a foreign language may call himself a translator. To ensure quality it is always best to acquire the services of a professional translator who has

Also, membership in an Association of Translators is a definite asset. The largest of these is the Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators, the Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer, BDÜ. All BDÜ-members are examined professionals who have agreed to work according to the association’s code of ethics. Any breach of the code would result in exclusion from the Association. That is why it is advisable for you to seek out members of the BDÜ.